Export Meats Warehouse Rotorua

Tournament sponsor of Twilight Golf.
Export Meats Warehouse Rotorua

Export Meat Warehouse Rotorua

Situated in Western Heights Shopping Centre, Export Meat Warehouse Rotorua is your specialsed butcher who can help with finding that perfect cut of meat for any occasion. Kevin and his team of dedicated professionals know their stuff and are there to help. They make their own bacon, ham and smallgoods using the finest fresh ingredients.

If you are serious about quality products, realistic prices and great service then get down to Export Meat Warehouse Rotorua - your local "Quality" Butchery.

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 6.00am to 6.00pm, Saturday 6.30am to 4pm, Closed on Sunday

Address: 2 Brookland Road, Rotorua
Phone: (07) 3472172
Fax: (07) 3472173
E-mail: sales@emwhamper.co.nz

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