Office Hours

Open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Playing Rights

Full Playing Members have equal rights as decided by the golf committee.  Ladies have the tee from 9.00 am to 10.00am every Saturday and from 9.00 am to 10.30 am every Wednesday.

Dress Standards

Members and their guests are required to conform to standards of dress in keeping with the dignity associated with the game of golf, and befitting a member of a club.  On main playing days a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness is expected, shirts should be tucked in.  Not acceptable on the course or in the clubhouse is football type clothing - shirts and shorts, beachwear, singlets and tee shirts.  Shirts should have a collar.

Golf Shoes worn on the course must not be worn in the lounge.

NZGA Insurance Cover

As an integral part of their Club Subscriptions, members qualify for an insurance scheme through the NZGA that covers such things as personal accident, public liability and, subject to certain conditions, loss or damage to personal effects such as golfing equipment and apparel.  Details are available from the Manager who will assist in preparing a claim.

Etiquette & Care of the Course

There are certain points of etiquette when playing golf, which are common to all Golf Clubs and are contained in the Rules of Golf.  For some of the more important matters of etiquette refer to the section of CLUB RULES, which should help members enjoy their golf and ensure the course is maintained in a good playing condition.

Hole In One

Included in members' annual subscription is a levy that insures members who are participating in a recognised competition and record a Hole in One.  This provides for the issue of the equivalent of one free drink for each member playing on the course the day the hole in one is accomplished, to a maximum value of $100.  The Hole in One will only be recognised if the player completes the Club Competition and observes the normal rules of golf.  The player’s ball will be mounted at the club’s expense..


If you have a worthwhile suggestion to offer, please submit it to a committee member or the Club Manager

Lounge Bar

Our Club Licence governs the Club’s bar hours.  The Bar and Dining Room will be open for service as follows but will be extended by one hour each during the period of Daylight Saving.  Generally the Closing Hours will be adhered to but patronage and demand may require some flexibility.

                            Monday                                                    CLOSED

                            Tuesday                                                   10.00 am - 4.00 pm

                            Wednesday                                             10.00 am – 7.00 pm(10.00 pm twilight)

                            Thursday (Rotorua Vets Days Only)   Noon        - 5.00 pm

                            Friday                                                       10.00 am – 7.00 pm

                            Saturday & Sunday                               10.00 am - 7.00 pm

                            Statutory & Public Holidays                 10.00 am - 7.00 pm

The Bar & Dining Room will be open on all Public Holidays except on Christmas Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day morning, and on Special occasions.

For the Christmas period the Bar & Dining Room will be open every day from Boxing Day, at the hours listed above or as patronage and demand requires.



The Golf Committee controls play on the course and has jurisdiction in all Club competitions. The Woman’s Committee’s are responsible for the conduct of the Woman’s sections competitions under then guidance of the Golf Committee.

Match Eligibility

The Constitution of the Club provides that no members shall be eligible to participate in any competition after 28th February if any part of the subscription remains unpaid, unless arrangements for payment by instalment have been confirmed with the Club Manager.

Rules of Play

The rules of play shall be the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, subject to local rules printed on the official scorecards, or as noted on the official notice board from time to time.

Slow Play

If players fail to keep their places in the field and lose one clear hole behind those immediately preceding them, the players following have a right to go through.  The players at fault must therefore: i) make up lost ground without delay, or ii) "call through" those following If they fail to do this, players following MUST indicate they are exercising their right to go through. 

To obviate slow play, all groups of players should keep up with players in front of them and not be concerned with those behind.  This would facilitate the above.  As a "rule of thumb" players should regulate their speed of play at 12 minutes per hole average.  This, and the aforesaid considered, all players should play a round of golf in less than four hours.

An improved time should always be aimed at.

Motorised Transport

Members who wish to use Motorised Transport (Electric Carts and or Motor-Bikes) during Club Championship events must, in the first instance, seek approval in writing from the Golf Committee prior to the commencement of the competition. This rule does not apply to normal playing days or other club trophy events.

Trophy Events

Matches will normally be played on the day programmed.  For special reasons, with approval of the Golf Committee, a match may be played on a different day, provided all those involved are agreeable.  The Player(s) asking for the change of day will be the loser(s) if a compromise day cannot be found.

Daily Competition

Other than the time reserved for the Ladies, tee times for the Men’s Saturday competitions and Pro’s Haggle shall be between 8.00am and 1.00pm.  Anyone wishing to play later than 1.00pm and still be eligible for the competition must seek approval from the Manager or the Duty Officer for the day.


Dispensation will not be automatically granted for selection to represent the Club, BOP Golf or NZ. However, dispensation may be considered providing the circumstance is justified.

          An application must be made in writing through the Manager to the Golf Committee.

          ONLY The Golf Committee may  approve dispensation, if there is no major disruption

           to the competition or the remainder of the players, AND, any match play opponent (s) is/are not inconvenienced by any rescheduling of the match.



Rule 6-6 applies.  Cards for all rounds both home and away, should be returned for handicap purposes.  The NZGA Handicap and Course Rating System, Section 8 1(c) covers the penalty for failure to return all scores or otherwise not observing the spirit of the Handicap System.  Members are reminded that away cards should be left at the club of play but any return of cards to your home club should be no later than two weeks after the round was played. 

All players are asked to ensure that their card is completed in full and that their computer number is shown on their cards.

The Handicap Committee is made up of the Club Captain, Men’s Captain, the two Ladies Convenors and the Club Manager.

Members are advised that any cards not returned within 2 weeks of the Handicapping period will be assessed and an adjusted gross score will be recorded.



If you take a divot during your shot, take time to replace it and heel it in. Replace other loose divots you see on the course.  When soil/sand buckets are available, members are encouraged to use them.

Pitch marks

Find your pitch mark on the green and repair it, plus any other you see.  The longer the pitch mark is left, the harder it is to make good.


When the flagstick is removed, place it down on the green.  DO NOT DROP IT OR LEAN ON IT like a walking stick

The Hole

Players should take every care to ensure that the side of the hole is not damaged when the ball is being removed.  Do not use the putter head to remove the ball from the hole.


Once you have played your ball out of a bunker, use the rake provided to smooth out the sand properly.  You are being unfair to following players if you leave footprints and ball marks in bunkers.

Bare Areas & Muddy Patches

Mainly players consistently following the same route cause these.  If you see bare or muddy patches, please avoid them and give the green staff a fair chance to repair them.

Trundlers, Carts and Motorbikes

Keep off greens and teeing area; do not take this equipment between bunkers and greens; park on the side of the green nearest to the next tee.

Chipping Green

The green at the rear of the trundler shed adjacent to the 10th green should be regarded as a putting green and not be played off, any players playing the 10th hole that land their ball on this green must take a drop not nearer the hole.

Practice Swinging

Please do not practice your swing on the teeing ground while waiting your turn to play.  Stay off until it is your turn to hit.  This will avoid unnecessary wear to a very confined area.

Course Practice

The Golf Committee has approved a recommendation that the course greens are not used for practice at any time.  All putting and chipping practice takes place on the appropriate practice greens.

Rules of Golf

Members should make sure they know and observe the Rules of Golf.  It is embarrassing for a player to be seen to gain some advantage from his or her ignorance of the rules of the game.


This programme is subject to alteration at the discretion of the Golf Committee.  Any changes will be advised on the Club notice board, and when possible, in the Club Newsletter.

Handicap Grades

                            Senior                                                          9 and under

                            Intermediate                                              10 – 16

                            Junior                                                        17 – 24

                            “C” Grade                                                  25 and above           

Saturday Competitions

As a general rule all Saturday competitions shall be played from the Blue tees and any club competition carried over to a Sunday shall also be played from the Blue tees.   However, there will be occasions when the White tees will be scheduled for play to ease the wear on the Blue tee block.  Unless Matchplay events are being decided, competitions in Nett, Stableford or Par (or other such competition as may be specified by the Golf Committee) may be held on Saturdays.  When Matchplay events are being decided, and when numbers warrant, competitions may be held for non-match players. 

Ties Match Play

Ties will recommence from the 1st tee irrespective of the original starting tee.

Ties in Club Stroke Play Championships and Trophy events

Play off over 18 holes at a time to be decided by the Golf Committee. Should the players be tied after 18-hole play off, the match will be decided by sudden death commencing at the first hole.

Stroke Play Champs

The Stroke Play championships are played over four rounds for the best gross score in each grade. The Nett scores are recorded for the Nankivel Trophy.

Count back

Should a count back be required, the count back will be on the last 18-hole round played of the competition then the last 9-holes played, last 6, last 3, and last hole.  Then hole by hole back until a winner is found.

Applies for all qualifying and daily Saturday competitions including:

Club Match Play Championship Qualifying Rounds

Springfield Trophy

Executive Prize

Captains Prize


A playoff will apply for the following competitions.

Strokeplay Championships

Utuhina Trophy

The Rosebowl

Nankivell Trophy

Failure to start on time

Players qualifying for any match play competitions, who fail to start on time, or advise the starter or club management of their unavailability to play at a particular time, will be disqualified from the event, including Flights and Plates. It is the players responsibility to advise the committee of their non-availability to play any match play event: filling their card in as a Non-Qualifier may do this.

Springfield Trophy

Is a Match play competition on handicap current on the day. For the 2012 season their will be qualifying rounds Top 32 Qualify

Utuhina Trophy

Is a 2 round stableford competition.

Captains Prize

A Foursomes competition played on nett over 28-holes, select your own partner.

Glenmorangie Putter

A 2 round putting competition played for on the first 2 rounds of the Rosebowl.

Nankivell Trophy

The best nett score over the four rounds of the Stroke Play championships.

Executive prize

Is a Matchplay competition on handicap current on the day. 

The best two nett scores of the three rounds played will be used to determine the top 16 to qualify for the Executive Prize with the remainder of the field drawn in flights of 16.  Matchplay rules apply.

Top Dog

Is a Four Ball Best Ball Matchplay competition on handicap current on the day. Select own partners. The first 64 teams to enter will be drawn for the first round. First round losers will automatically be entered in the plate.  Match play rules apply.

The Rosebowl

Played over three rounds of nett scores with the best two deciding the winner.  The first two rounds will be used for the Glenmorangie putter.

Match Play Champs

Both the Championship and Championship plates are played "off the stick,” and flights are off handicap. Championship Finals for Senior, Intermediate, and Junior grades to be played over 36-holes, C Grade to play 18-holes only.

Combined Gross

Select your own partner for this Pairs competition, which is played by combining your gross scores.  The format is hole-by-hole Match play and strokes are taken or given on the differences between the combined handicaps of the opposing teams on the relevant stroke holes.  Match play rules apply. There will be Qualifying for this event with the total nett score from both players being counted

Winners Challenge

Open to all men who won a trophy event or daily club competition during the year.

Club Opening & Closing Days

Open to all Club Members.  The Golf Committee will decide the format for the competition. 












Matchplay cannot be played in conjunction with Club Day Competitions.

Home Links Events

                   LGU Medals

                                      Silver and Bronze Divisions – Lowest aggregate of four nett differentials.

                   LGU Aotearoa Cup

All handicap players.  To be played in conjunction with the Coronation Medal.

                   LGU Coronation Medal

Silver Division only.  18 Holes Medal Handicap to be played in April or May.

                   LGU Veteran's Trophy

70 years and over on 1 April of current year - Best Nett.  To be played on same days as Coronation Medal and Aotearoa Cup.

                   LGU Best Gross Cup

In conjunction with the above, a trophy is awarded for the best gross score by any Player taking part in the above competitions.

                   BOPTV Area Stableford

                                      Best 3 out of 5 stableford rounds.

                   LGU Nancy MacCormick Foursomes

Choose own partners - 36 holes played over one or two days during the months of March, April or May.




                    Championships Grades                                                              

                                      Silver A                                 0 – 16.0                                              

                                      Silver B                             16.1 - 18.4

                                      Bronze 1                          18.5 – 22.5                                              

                                      Bronze 2                          22.6 – 27.1                                              

                                      Bronze 3                          27.2 – 40.4

                   Lynette Long Memorial Trophy

                                      Best Nett over Strokeplay Championships.

                   Lady Morrison Trophy

                                      Best 3 of 4 nett rounds 0-18.4

                   Grandma's Cup

                                      Best nett over 1 round.

                   Piripono Trophy

                                      2 rounds Stableford

                   Top Dog

Choose own partners.  Seeded draw.  Foursomes Matchplay.   Entries close 30 April.

                   Windsor Trophy

                                      32 to qualify - Matchplay.

                   Manahi Cup

                                      2 rounds stableford.

                   Papesch Rosebowl

                                      32 to qualify - Matchplay

                   Clarken Cup

                                      2 rounds stableford.

                   Lawrence Cup

                                      2 rounds Par.

                   Unity Plaque

Drawn teams of three playing combined stableford.  In the event of a tie, sudden death playoff.

                   Montgomery Trophy

                                      Best 2 of three nett rounds.

                   Texas Trophy

                                      32 to qualify - Matchplay

                   Cam Hunter Trophy

                                      Best Nett over Qualifying for Matchplay Championships.

                   Millie Managh Cup

                                      Biggest Reduction in Handicap during season.

                   Marion Pound Memorial

                                    Best Nett in Aotearoa Cup

                   Golden Years Trophy

                                      70 years and over best 3 of 4 nett rounds.


                   Presidents vs Captain


                   Silver Gross

                                      Best Gross over Season

                   Daisy Talbot

                                      Two rounds Eclectic.

                   Bronze 1A, 1B Aggregate

                                      Best 3 of 4 net rounds in each division

                   Collins Putting Cup

                                      Best 3 of 5 rounds.






                   Summer Cup

Aggregate of 3 best nett scores from closing day to 31 December inclusive.

                   Summer Salver

                                      Aggregate of 4 best stableford rounds from 1 January to opening day.

                   Pat Somerville Trophy

                                      Best nett on Women’s day.

                   Evonne Allen Trophy

                                      Competition between Weekend Ladies and Midweek Ladies.



                   Handicap Index Divisions

                                      Silver A                                  0 - 18.4

                                      Bronze 1                           18.5 - 24.0

                                      Bronze 2                           24.1 - 33.4

                                      Bronze 3                                  33.5 +

                   Top Dog

Four ball best ball.  Choose own partners.  Entries close 2 weeks before competition.

                   Windsor Plaque

                                      16 to qualify over 18 holes.  Matchplay.

                   Karon Trophy

                                      16 to qualify over 18 holes.  Matchplay.

                   Pat Giles Trophy

                                      16 to qualify over 18 holes.  Matchplay.

                   Springfield Trophy

                                      16 to qualify over 18 holes.  Matchplay.

                   Medal Aggregate Cup

                                      Best 2 of 4 rounds nett.

                   LGU Putting Competition

                                      4 best putting scores in conjunction with LGU rounds.

                   Four Ball Knockout

                                      Drawn Partners. Combined nett Matchplay.

                   Summer Trophy

Saturday and Sunday only.  Best 4 nett rounds between closing and opening day.

                   Unity Plaque

                                      Drawn teams of 3, combined stableford (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II).


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